How to document insurance coverage after a car accident?

Other than tending to emergencies, what are the three things you should do after a car crash?

This video is about the 3rd of 3 things you should do after a car crash to protect your rights.

So, how do you protect your rights after a crash?

Let’s assume you’ve just been in a minor accident. The at fault driver offers to pay for it out of his own pocket. He asks you to NOT call the police. He doesn’t want to get the ticket and just wants you to do him this little favor. Or, maybe he’s a truck driver, and he says that if you call the police, he’s going to lose his license, because he’s already been in a couple of other accidents. You don’t want to hurt the guy personally. So, you get his phone number, and you both leave the scene of the accident.

# How do you protect yourself from him later claiming that you were at fault?

The answers are right in your back pocket. It’s your cell phone. You can basically use your cell phone to replace the police officer.

Now, I’m not advocating that you NOT call the police. On the contrary, I think you SHOULD call the police.

But, if you find yourself in that situation, and you decide not to call the police, use your cell phone to document and preserve evidence.

# So, what do you want document? Well, it’s basically three things. You want to (1) document the scene, you want to (2) document liability, and you want to (3) document the existence of Insurance.

This third video is about documenting the existence of insurance.

And the third thing is, be sure to document insurance. At the beginning, I told you to be sure to take pictures of the vehicles, and the scene of the accident, before you move the vehicles.

# After the vehicles have been relocated, and the person who hit you is showing you his registration and insurance information, just whip out your cell phone and take pictures of all that stuff. Be sure to get a picture of his license, vehicle registration, and vehicle insurance information. Check the date on his proof of insurance, to be sure that he is showing you a proof of insurance card the has an effective policy period, that includes the date of the accident.

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That’s WHY it’s important to take steps to protect your rights after a car crash, even a minor one.

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