Lafayette Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The specialized skills needed to prove your case

Motorcycles can be an enjoyable mode of transportation, but the unprotected nature and small size of these vehicles exposes riders to heightened risks.  Severe injury and even death can occur when motorcycles are involved in accidents.  Unfortunately, public attitude typically assumes that the motorcycle operator is at fault.  At the Law Offices of James Kirk Piccione, we have the litigation skills and experience needed to dispel the myths, to help victims pursue the compensation they deserve, when others are liable for their injuries.

The primary cause of motorcycle accidents

Clearly, motorcycle drivers share some of the responsibility for accidents in some situations.  But the primary reason motorcycle accidents occur is connected with their small size.  They can be difficult to see, particularly in dense traffic.  This does not relieve drivers of larger vehicles from liability in these cases.  Every driver is responsible for exercising reasonable care, which includes situations like the following:

  • Changing lanes.  A quick glance in the side view mirror is not always sufficient to see a motorcycle in the other lane.  Failing to see a motorcycle in the next lane is typically the fault of the driver who is changing lanes.
  • Failure to stop.  Even if another vehicle is between a car and a motorcycle, all vehicles are required to maintain a safe following distance.  If the middle vehicle suddenly changes lanes, causing the car behind it to hit a stopped motorcycle, the driver of the car that impacts the motorcycle is at fault.
  • Opened car doors.  In most cases, when a car door is opened into traffic and struck by a moving motorcycle, it is the fault of the person who did not make sure there was safe clearance to open the door. 

The role of Louisiana motorcycle accident attorneys

Every motorcycle accident is unique and requires thorough investigation to determine who is at fault.  Louisiana motorcycle accident attorney James Kirk Piccione begins by examining police reports and evidence provided by his clients.  He then conducts interviews with all witnesses, to gain further insight into the accident.  This information provides a clear starting point for investigative experts he may retain to unravel the causes behind the accident and identify all negligent parties.

With over two decades of experience litigating accident claims in court, Mr. Piccione has the skills needed to ensure that jurors base their decisions solely on the evidence of the case, rather than allowing any preconceived beliefs about motorcyclists to cloud their judgment.

A skilled Lafayette motorcycle accident lawyer

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you need an attorney who conducts a diligent investigation, to uncover the true causes of the accident, to prove liability.  Mr. Piccione has the track record, experience, and tenacity needed to help you pursue full compensation for your losses.

Our firm is committed to providing aggressive, competent legal representation to recover damages suffered by our clients in Acadia Parish, Vermilion Parish, Lafayette and cities throughout Louisiana.  James Kirk Piccione has an established civil litigation practice in Southern Louisiana.  For the best chance of receiving financial compensation for your personal injury, you need an experienced attorney.  Contact the law firm of James Kirk Piccione at 337-233-9030.