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Skilled representation for marijuana charges

Louisiana law treats all marijuana seriously.  Even relatively minor misdemeanor convictions can result in fines, and as many as six months in jail.  Felony convictions result in fines as high as one million dollars, and up to 80 years in prison.  It is critical for anyone arrested on marijuana charges to immediately seek highly experienced representation from Louisiana drug crime attorneys before answering any questions.  With over two decades of criminal defense experience, the Law Offices of James Kirk Piccione provides the skilled representation you need from the first moments after an arrest.

A wide variety of charges exist under Louisiana law

The seriousness of any marijuana charge depends upon many factors, including (but not limited to) the amount of marijuana involved, the intent or activity, and the number of past convictions.  The following are some of the possible marijuana charges under Louisiana law and the potential penalties:

  • Possession.  Although a first-time possession of any amount of marijuana is typically a misdemeanor offense with a maximum penalty of a $500 fine and up to six months incarceration, a second offense can potentially be charged as a felony, and a third or subsequent offense is punished by variable fines and as many as 20 years in prison.  If caught within 1,000 feet of a school, church, or public housing (referred to as a drug-free zone), the result is a felony charge that can add up to one and one half of the maximum penalty to a sentence, combined with the maximum fine.
  • Acts relating to sale.  Anyone charged with the sale of marijuana, including cultivation or possession with intent to sell, is likely to face felony charges.  The penalties are primarily based on the amount of marijuana involved.  For less than 60 pounds, convictions can result in penalties ranging from five to 30 years in prison, and up to $50,000 in fines.  Quantities of over ten thousand pounds increases the prison range to 50 to 80 years, with up to $1 million in fines.  Add up to one and one half the maximum penalty if a sale is in a drug-free zone, and expect a double penalty if the sale involves a minor at least three years younger than the seller.
  • Other drug-related crimes.  Even when marijuana is not directly involved in a crime, state law makes it illegal to possess or sell paraphernalia as well, imposing penalties based on the number of offenses starting at $500, with a possible jail term of up to six months for the first conviction.  Third convictions can be treated as either misdemeanors or felonies, and can cost offenders up to $5,000 plus potential jail time of up to five years.  Fines also increase if state-issued tax stamps are not affixed to any contraband items.

The importance of a Louisiana criminal defense attorney

Upon arrest, your Miranda rights entitle you to remain silent during questioning, until you consult with an attorney.  Failure to take advantage of these rights can cause anyone to make innocent statements that could provide evidence for the prosecution.  As an experienced criminal lawyer in Lafayette, James Kirk Piccione remains at your side throughout questioning, ensuring that every step of the criminal process is handled fairly and promoting the best possible case results for his clients.

A skilled and experienced Louisiana criminal attorney

If you or a loved one face marijuana charges in Louisiana, obtaining a lawyer well-versed in drug law is vital to your freedom and your future.  Lafayette criminal defense lawyer, James Kirk Piccione, is qualified and respected in the Louisiana legal community.

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