Drug-Related Offenses

A legal defense can be more complex in certain circumstances

Anyone facing criminal drug charges can easily face multiple charges.  Louisiana law looks at the circumstances surrounding drug crimes before determining which charges are appropriate for the case.  Even prison inmates are subjected to penalties, if they are connected with bringing illegal drugs into correctional facilities.  The Law Offices of James Kirk Piccione has the experience needed to defend clients in any type of drug-related case.

Additional penalties are imposed when children are involved

In an attempt to protect children, Louisiana drug laws add to already severe penalties, when children are involved.  Offenders convicted of selling drugs to a minor can typically expect the penalty to be doubled.  And the Louisiana Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Law  has defined certain areas—generally a 1,000-foot area surrounding schools, day care facilities, religious building property, and public housing authority property—as drug-free zones.  Add one and one-half the maximum criminal penalty if a sale is in a drug-free zone.

Possession of weapons and drugs can lead to additional charges

When firearms are associated in any way with a drug crime, defendants can face a variety of additional charges.  A felon, who is prohibited by law from carrying a firearm, can be charged with possession of an illegal weapon even if that weapon is not used in the commission of the drug crime.  And anyone who uses a firearm while committing a drug crime can be charged even if possession of the firearm would otherwise be legal.

Drug crimes can occur after imprisonment

After implementing extensive prison reforms in the 1970s and 1980s, Louisiana is now seen as being more skilled than most penal systems at preventing contraband from entering jails.  But even with their good record, illegal drugs were found in state prisons over 1,200 times from 2006 to 2008, largely believed to be brought in by inmates on work details.  Depending on the severity of the offense, and particularly when violence is connected with drug crimes in prison, punishment may involve the movement of prisoners to more restricted living conditions.  Those conditions offer few freedoms and can potentially include remaining in cell-lock for 23 hours per day.

A skilled and experienced Louisiana criminal defense lawyer

If you or a loved one face drug or related charges in Louisiana, obtaining a criminal lawyer in Lafayette well-versed in drug law is vital to your freedom and your future.  Attorney James Kirk Piccione is qualified and respected in the Louisiana legal community.

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