Cocaine Crimes in Louisiana

Skilled Louisiana drug crime lawyers are needed to defend against vigorous prosecution

Due to the medical dangers presented by the use of cocaine and its highly addictive properties, the federal government has classified it as a Schedule II narcotic.  Crack cocaine is considered to be an even more dangerous form of the drug and penalties for its use are harsh.  These penalties differ based on specific state and  federal guidelines.  Louisiana drug crime lawyer James Kirk Piccione has over two decades of criminal defense experience, working with clients under both Louisiana and federal law.

Possible charges and penalties under Louisiana law

Three types of cocaine-related charges are possible under state law:

  • Possession.  Penalties for possession are based on the amount of cocaine involved.  For less than 28 grams, the law imposes a fine of $5,000, and five years in prison, with or without hard labor.  At the high end, possessing over 400 grams incurs fines from $250,000 to $600,000, and 30 to 60 years in prison, including hard labor.
  • Sale.  Conviction for the sale of cocaine results in a hard labor sentence of from five to 30 years and a potential fine of up to $50,000.  If the perpetrator is over 25 years old and sells to minors, life imprisonment is likely, and anyone who sells to minors at least three years younger, can expect penalties to be doubled.
  • Trafficking. Anyone who produces or manufactures cocaine faces 40 to 99 years of hard labor without parole or suspension, plus a fine of up to $500,000.

How the Law Offices of James Kirk Piccione can help

Lafayette criminal attorney James Kirk Piccione provides the full range of legal support throughout the entire legal process.  The following areas of support are critical to your case:

  • Supporting you immediately after arrest.  He accompanies you through the questioning process to ensure it is handled in accordance with all legal requirements.  Attorney Piccione also advises you of how and when to answer questions to help you avoid incriminating yourself by providing evidence in the prosecution of your case.
  • Preparing an effective defense.  When it comes to defense of drug crimes, the details can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of your case.  You may be innocent of all charges, or you may face charges well beyond your degree of responsibility.  As a skilled drug crime lawyer in Louisiana, Mr. Piccione carefully examines the unique aspects of each case to determine the most effective legal options.
  • Using negotiation and litigation skills.  Mr. Piccione has earned the respect of the Louisiana legal community through over two decades of vigorous defense of his clients.  He may be able to eliminate or reduce charges or penalties through negotiation with the prosecution, and he has the skills and experience needed to provide an effective defense before a judge or jury.

A skilled and experienced Louisiana criminal defense attorney

If you or a loved one face cocaine charges in Louisiana, obtaining a lawyer well-versed in drug law is vital to your freedom and your future.  Lafayette criminal defense attorney James Kirk Piccione is qualified and respected in the Louisiana legal community.

The Law Firm of James Kirk Piccione is committed to providing aggressive, competent, legal representation to our clients throughout Southern Louisiana.  Call James Kirk Piccione at 337-233-9030, or contact us online today.