When You Need a Lafayette, Louisiana Auto Accident Attorney

Most injury claims can benefit from experienced legal support

Most individuals can handle their own insurance claims when a fender-bender caused by another driver results in minor damage to their vehicle.  Even if the negligent driver does not carry the insurance required under Louisiana law, your own insurance company can help ensure that your repair costs are covered and pursue reimbursement for their expenses through other legal means.  But when moderate to severe injuries are involved, the Law Offices of James Kirk Piccione can provide the level of legal support needed to pursue fair compensation for your damages.

How we can help with insurance claims

Filing a claim with the insurance company that represents the liable party can be the quickest way to ensure that expenses for vehicle damage, and minor to moderate injuries, are quickly reimbursed.  But it is important to understand that the insurance company does not represent your interests, and its goal is to protect its bottom line.

Even if you plan to file your own claim, Louisiana auto accident lawyer James Kirk Piccione can counsel you through your discussions with insurance claims adjustors so that they do not result in a reduction or denial of your claim.  And before you finalize a settlement agreement with your signature, he can review it to be sure that it provides the full compensation you deserve—and intercede on your behalf when adjustments are necessary.

The expenses associated with severe injury are often more extensive than insurance compensation covers.  Particularly when a long-term recovery or permanent disability is involved, you need to recover much more than medical expenses.  You can lose pay when you are unable to work and might need personal assistance to care for your needs or those of your family. Suffering extensive physical and emotional pain deserves compensation as well.  For the recovery of these and other expenses, you need to take legal action, either through an out-of-court settlement with the liable party or through a jury trial.

As an experienced Lafayette, Louisiana car accident attorney, James Kirk Piccione can provide the full support you need.  We work with you to learn the details of your case to best identify the possible options to pursue the compensation you deserve.  We perform a thorough investigation—engaging accident reconstruction experts and other investigative specialists when needed—to unravel the causes of your accident. And we provide expert witness testimony in court.  We have over two decades of experience litigating claims in and out of court, and we are ready to provide the full legal support needed for your situation.

A Lafayette car accident lawyer with a proven track record

If you are injured in a car accident, you need an attorney who can demonstrate a track record of winning full and fair settlements and awards in similar cases.  With a history of personal injury litigation victories ranging up to $2.4 million, Mr. Piccione has the track record, experience, and tenacity needed to help pursue compensation for your losses.

Our firm is committed to providing aggressive, competent legal representation to recover damages suffered by our clients in Acadia Parish, Vermilion Parish, Lafayette and cities throughout Louisiana.  James Kirk Piccione has an established civil litigation practice in Southern Louisiana.  For the best chance at receiving financial compensation for your personal injury, you need an experienced civil litigation attorney.  Contact the law firm of James Kirk Piccione at 337-233-9030.