Louisiana Criminal Law Firm

As an ordinary citizen, you cannot be expected to know all the intricate details of Louisiana criminal law.  However, it never hurts to have a rudimentary understanding of the statutes since you never know when or how they might affect you.  The Law Offices of James Kirk Piccione wants to increase your awareness of criminal laws in Louisiana, so that you can have important knowledge on hand should you ever need it.

Defense against all criminal charges

As one of only ten Lafayette criminal defense lawyers in the city certified to handle death penalty cases, Mr. Piccione has more than 20 years of experience protecting the rights of clients accused of crimes.  He is well-versed in every aspect of criminal defense law, and has established practice areas that cover all types of criminal charges.  Most importantly, however, he excels in getting results.

White collar crimes in Louisiana

White collar crimes often refer to financial crimes.  They can include:

  • Telemarketing fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Counterfeiting

It is imperative to realize that such crimes are often prosecuted under federal, not state, criminal laws.  This means harsher penalties and longer sentences for a conviction.

Drug crimes in Louisiana

The penalties for a drug crime conviction in Louisiana are known to be severe, with many of them carrying minimum prison sentences.  Unless you have a skillful Lafayette criminal defense law firm to advocate on your behalf, your freedom can be jeopardized. To learn more about how our attorneys can help, please read the following:

Louisiana violent crimes

If you are accused of a crime such as domestic violence or assault, it is crucial to have experienced and well-informed Lafayette criminal attorneys at your side.  Not only do these crimes carry the very real possibility of long jail terms, but the accusations surrounding them can cause irrevocable damage to your reputation.

Sex crimes

Being accused of a sex crime can have devastating consequences.  A conviction carries with it a mandatory requirement to be listed on a sex offender registry.  If your conviction stands, you may find yourself placed under housing, work, and other restrictions that negatively impact your life.

Juvenile crimes in Louisiana

A juvenile crime conviction can severely inhibit the future of a minor.  It can make it difficult for him or her to get into college, find a job, or even volunteer for certain organizations.  Do not throw away the future of a child you care about. Make sure that you hire the right Lafayette criminal attorney for his or her defense.

The Louisiana criminal defense lawyer for your case

If you need help from criminal law firms in Lafayette with a commitment to truth, justice, and getting results, then we are the firm for you. Contact the Law Office of James Kirk Piccione today at 337-233-9030.