Acadia Parish and Vermillion Parish General Practice Lawyer

Did you suffer a personal injury in Acadia or Vermillion Parish?  If so, you may be entitled to collect compensation.  Examples of personal injuries include:

The law firm of James Kirk Piccione has been engaged in Acadia Parish general practice for over twenty years, with an equally long history of getting outstanding results for clients.  If you suffer a personal injury, we provide the best legal guidance possible in order to maximize your benefits.

Personal injury laws in Acadia Parish and Vermillion Parish, Louisiana

Under the law in Vermillion Parish, a personal injury is one that is caused by the recklessness or negligence of another party.  It can be anything that physically or emotionally harms a victim, damages their property, or results in a financial loss.  The law in Arcadia Parish entitles the victim to various forms of compensation to make up for these losses, including awards for medical bills, lost wages, or pain and suffering.

Auto and car accident lawsuits in Louisiana

Some of the most common personal injuries are the result of car accidents.  Being in an auto accident in Acadia or Vermillion Parish is a frightening experience, as it is anywhere.  The only thing worse than the devastation caused by the accident is having to deal with the physical and financial fallout that arises from it.  You may be too badly injured to return to work, unable to afford medical treatment, or incapable of supporting your family.  The personal injury law firm of James Kirk Piccione will be sure to fight for your rights while you go through the process of recovery.

How can an experienced lawyer help

While you concentrate on healing from your injuries, our law firm is busy preparing your case.  We speak to insurance companies, employers, and the attorneys of the defendant.  We help determine who was at fault for the accident or injury, and argue your case in court, if needed.  Finally, we negotiate a fair settlement for the suffering you endured, and make sure that compensation reaches you in a timely manner.

The best attorney for your case

If you need a personal injury attorney for your Vermillion Parish lawsuit or Acadia Parish lawsuit, our firm is committed to getting the justice you deserve.  Contact the Law Offices of James Kirk Piccione today, at 337-233-9030.