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Drunk Driving in Louisiana. How to avoid an OWI conviction.

The playing field

We count on law enforcement to protect our rights and safety.  For most people, the police represent a lifetime of security with only the occasional interaction along the way, if any at all.  But when the tables turn and we find ourselves suspected of a crime, the law officers may employ nearly any measure to get the information they need, whether it infringes on our rights or not.  The police know the law better than the average person does, and they can easily use it against us.  The unrepresented person has little bargaining power and no expertise in their own defense.

This disparity makes an unleveled playing field. At the Law Office of Kirk Piccione, we can help you level that playing field.

Learn about crimes and punishments in Louisiana


A criminal law attorney must communicate with his clients with integrity and honesty.  Our Lafayette criminal defense attorneys defend your rights from interrogation through the entire criminal process.  We answer all your questions.  Our defense attorneys let our clients know their options at every turn, and we let the opposition know that we will not be bullied.  At the Law Office of Kirk Piccione we consistently seek the best possible outcome for our clients.


Our Lafayette criminal lawyers can help you resolve your criminal matter and get your life back on track. All the while, you can be sure that your rights and the rights of your loved ones are protected.  When dealing with experienced law enforcement and prosecution, remember, it is the prosecutors job to prosecute every crime committed. When you hire the Law Office of Kirk Piccione for criminal defense or general practice – civil litigation cases, it is our job to help you.

When your freedom is at stake, trust experience and results

Criminal defense attorney James Kirk Piccione has an established practice in Southern Louisiana.  As one of only 10 attorneys in the city of Lafayette certified by the Louisiana Supreme Court to handle death penalty cases, he has made a name for himself in the greater Lafayette area in the following legal concentrations:

Some of Kirk Piccione’s successes are detailed on the Verdicts and Settlements page.  For more information on Mr. Piccione, please see his attorney profile.

To receive quality representation for your criminal defense, contact criminal law attorney Kirk Piccione at 337-233-9030.

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